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Re: "The goal is not to throw"

Very few people in Aikido claim this level of understanding...well at least in public. I do have questions of my own that the nature of these claims bring up.

When it comes to throwing and being thrown and being able to use aiki:
1. How does someone who has this advanced understanding escape the attention of people in budo?
2. How can someone possess the body skills required to do these things and cancel them out and not have it show anywhere in their movements?
3. Why, would someone display a body that is a mess and thoroughly disconnected in all of their movements.

I ask because when I play uke I have to change my body in order to have anyone be able to actually do anything to me. This is part of the reason the theory of ukemi teaching internal strength and aiki.... is nonsense.
When I am nage the connection is displayed.
So why would someone demonstrate a disconnected body while being nage... and lumber around one side weighted and shoulder heavy and not actually display moving from center all over the internet? Why do they not teach people how to do it and have students who can do it as well who look and feel different? Where are these people?

Why have so few well known teachers decided to not only pursue it... but to display it?
Inquiring minds want to know.

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