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Re: "The goal is not to throw"

Gary Welborn wrote: View Post

I think with this discussion and with the aspects of Aiki that Dan is talking to communications has to be in person....has to become know through touch and feel.....not by talking back and forth on this forum. If dealing with Dan directly when he come over is not your cup of tea.......there are any number of folks in your area who have worked this Dan and who would share their experiences with you. It is also an opportunity to share your experiences with other that post here on this site. Any other approach is just talk has little value without shared experiences.

just go straight...

I like your approach. I still fail to see how or why anyone thinks I want to experience it anyway.However, if I did it would be in a budo and thus respectful manner. I would ask if someone would be so kind as to show me or teach me. Note, I would ask. If I was refused I would respect that also.
All this you should and you must is nothing to do with budo or integrity or any similar such thing.

Secondly may I point out that up to now a few people have approached me from this forum and asked to train with me, just sharing, and I have never said no. Two I openly said it would be an honour and a pleasure. There has only been one other to whom I said I would gladly meet to see what he wants for I had never talked to this person on here yet he contacted me by pm. As yet no one has made it.(By the way, there is one person who has trained with Dan who said he would come too)

Apart from that, if someone wants to learn my way then they always have been welcome, nothing new there. If they don't yet are curious about an aspect of it technically, spiritually, geometrically etc then they are free to ask. If they believe they can tell me what I need or what I should do then I suggest they keep those thoughts to themselves.

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