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Re: "The goal is not to throw"

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A revisit. This time I will see if I can make sense of any of the above and answer accordingly. My aim is to find what's behind your beef.
Atemi can kill. Yes it can. I fail to see the point in saying that.
You have concussed people and given whiplash by grabbing wrist. Don't see what that clarifies unless you mean you use too much power.

'Lets say you move to stop me' I don't move to stop someone.

That means you can do what I do and now are better I don't do what you do.

Every time you touch me I stick to whatever body part you send. Not sure what you mean there.

How can I do these things? Which things? Sticking to someone? I do it with love. Don't know how you do it.

Prevent what from happening? Most that a person does I let happen. I move.

In the methods you use you should know the how and the how to harmonize with. That's obvious.

So in conclusion I fail to see what you are after. It seems to be all about you but as far as I know I will move according to the principles of Aikido from an attack. Irimi or whatever. I will move to a position of throw by entering or turning.

It is a thread on Aikido and throwing,
You said you know what Ueshiba does and how.
Therefore, you have this type of power, how it is trained and accomplished and how it is canceled out, what is required. How you have this unusual power and the greater Aikido community deosn't know is another question all together.

How does atemi attain such power?
How are the things I describe done? know Ueshiba's aiki, this is a no brainer.
Describe how these things are done.
Describe how to prevent them from being done.
They cannot be stopped, or prevented with love or with moving or irimi. Turning is an interesting comment. How?
How would Ueshiba's aiki accomplish these things on both sides..
No other comment on me.... is required


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