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graham christian
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Re: "The goal is not to throw"

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Okay Graham
Your words and thoughts remain inconsistent. You have chosen to participate in a community and have entered into discussions of values and results in practice. You have stated repeatedly you have a superior understanding to pre war aiki and talked about power. That was your choice
I never cared until you participated in discussions of what I do -calling me a fraud. In your reply here you again attempt to reduce my efforts in teaching the community to promotional rhetoric.

Let's discuss throwing and skills and abilities to actually do so using aiki.

In both pre and post war Ueshiba stated his atemi can kill
Let's say I try to punch you in the face while not only retaining my center but it's moving in several different directions in a flash and in the space of two seconds I kick you and punch you four times.
Lets say that each of those kicks or punches have enough power to not only knock you out, but break bones and also eliminate the effective use of any limb you offer to "connect" with me. Now for clarity I have concussed people, or given them whip lash -even from a wrist grab-using about a tenth of my power.

Let's say, every time you move to stop me... I do not follow
Every time you touch me, I stick to whatever body part you send and I hit you agin and again...

Using the understanding of Ueshiba you claim to do you stop me, much less do you throw me? How do you -with the superior understanding you decided to claim here - in love bring a peaceful resolution to this conflict?

So, you have claimed to know what I do and you walked away from it twenty years ago into something superior. That means you can do what I do and now are better. Great.
Describe for us, how I can do these things? What is allowing it to happen what is the actual skill you are going to use to prevent it from happening?

I am interested in how your superior understanding of Ueshiba would stop Ueshibas pre-war form of aiki. I contend you cannot answer and will not answer....and have no ability to even try.
But, this is a discussion of throwing and aiki right? I not only know the answer to both sides, I demonstrate it and teach it under critical review...within the community and out.
I am all ears.
A revisit. This time I will see if I can make sense of any of the above and answer accordingly. My aim is to find what's behind your beef.

Atemi can kill. Yes it can. I fail to see the point in saying that.

You have concussed people and given whiplash by grabbing wrist. Don't see what that clarifies unless you mean you use too much power.

'Lets say you move to stop me' I don't move to stop someone.

That means you can do what I do and now are better I don't do what you do.

Every time you touch me I stick to whatever body part you send. Not sure what you mean there.

How can I do these things? Which things? Sticking to someone? I do it with love. Don't know how you do it.

Prevent what from happening? Most that a person does I let happen. I move.

In the methods you use you should know the how and the how to harmonize with. That's obvious.

So in conclusion I fail to see what you are after. It seems to be all about you but as far as I know I will move according to the principles of Aikido from an attack. Irimi or whatever. I will move to a position of throw by entering or turning.

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