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Train Story #1

I was on a train in Tokyo, coming home from muay thai practice, hanging on a strap. A big man, Japanese, came onto the train, built like a light heavyweight, with an old army jacket. He looked at me and literally bared his teeth. I looked back at him, and he walked up and punched me in the stomach. I was doing three hundred opposite knee to head crunch sit-ups in a set, and it didn't hurt. I just looked at him. The car was almost empty and he started prowling around, muttering about foreigners, and how he was going to kill me, who did I think I was starting at him, who did I think I was hanging on the strap like that, thinking I was special.
[And I was thinking - wow, Terry Dobson Train Story! Wait 'til I tell Terry!] And then he stepped closer again and somehow dropped something, a book, edged back and seemed to gather himself. With perfect zanshin, I lowered my knees, picked up the book, and has he came closer, said, "You dropped this."
His mouth dropped open, and he took the book. He stared at me in astonishment, said, "I can't believe it. I'm all set to beat the shit out of you. I hit you, I verbally trash you, and you do something decent for me????! I can't believe a guy like you exists. How about you and I get off the train and go out and rape a woman."
The doors opened - not my stop - I got off the train - he started to follow - I said, "f..k off," shoved him back on the train and the doors closed.

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