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Re: What He learned from his near mugging

In the situation in the article what is unsaid but HAS to be said is: 1. You can only entertain that calculation IF you are utterly prepared to be wrong and shot on the spot and 2. You have decided it is worth it.
I write this as one who routinely enjoyed the freedom and dangers of roaming streets and subways of NY from age 13-19. I was always calm and often bluffed or stood my ground or joked, and always had good outcomes but also knew I had little besides attitude to back it up AND that I was damn lucky.
Were a gun pulled on me with order to come away (away from witnesses) I have no doubt I would, as a friend did, verbally call his bluff : if you are going to shoot me, do it here, now (and yes now with some training I might try a takeaway IF the calculus favored it) ...but if I thought there were a gun and it was over a phone or computer? No thanks.

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