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Re: Feeling

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
It has been interesting to me that many here have said many things about 'effectiveness' and such like of my Aikido despite what I say. From this end I can't help laughing because here I am knowing and there they are presenting themselves as experts and telling me. This could lead me to believe it has to be felt, especially by those who do such, but I find that not even worth saying.
What's interesting is that although people might say your aikido looks ineffective from your videos, you can also claim "it has to be felt". People can't really know for sure until they feel it. But of course people who claim this kind of thing who are willing to let their skills actually be felt are less likely to look like they're merely posturing.
Graham Christian wrote: View Post
People may read what I say, which is in plain English, and then attack it, belittle it, or even change it to something else, but in my view all this means is they can't accept it.
I think you are saying you write in plain English because I asked you to answer in plain English earlier in the thread.
David Orange wrote: View Post
I know that people who train with Dan range from beginner to shihan in aikido, most having some 20 years or more of training in aikido, many in judo, karate, jujutsu and MMA. Plus, he goes to Japan regularly and trains with some of the most renowned martial artists in that country.
If at all possible, I'd be interested in more information on Dan or the renowned martial artists in Japan.


PS: Thanks to Mary Malmros for also completing the survey.
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