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David Orange wrote: View Post
Maybe it's because so much of what you say is in reply to other people and amounts to "I do that, too."

Yeah, well...who are your students?

I know that people who train with Dan range from beginner to shihan in aikido, most having some 20 years or more of training in aikido, many in judo, karate, jujutsu and MMA. Plus, he goes to Japan regularly and trains with some of the most renowned martial artists in that country.

From what I've seen on your videos, your students don't appear to have that kind of experience. When the kinds of people who describe Dan use the same words to describe you, then I'll be impressed. And when you can show that your "stuff" has any effect at all on Dan, I'll really be impressed. But...why do I get the feeling that that will never happen?

Since you are making your remarks before thousands of advanced budoka, however (and many more thousands of students with very little background), I'd caution you that you're only making yourself appear, frankly, ignorant and extremely egotistical. In fact, having stated that you accrue no karma, you should really think deeply about that because you may actually meet some of these people one day and you will realize that you have not transcended the wheel.

Thank you for whatever it is you feel you are offering. Very dramatic.

I do not compare myself to anyone or say I do something someone else does their way. Only ego would say I do my friend.

I don't want to impress you or anybody thank you. Why come on here and mention another? Is he now your method of 'knowing'? I doubt he wants to be.

You do not know me. You have seen some videos which show what? One hundredth or maybe one thousanth of what I do? Hmmm. I thought it was claimed that you can't know by watching a video?

In your world it appears to me that you can insult, put down, accuse, and it's all fine until someone tells you something good about me. Well my friend, enjoy it, I'm sure you must get some pleasure out of it.

Nice story though about Arnie.

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