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Re: Feeling

Thanks for the clarifications Graham. It clears up some of my confusion....

I don't want to cut into semantics, but just because you "choose" not to call what you do "internal strength" does not mean it is not internal strength. I can call a duck a goose, but that does not change what it is. I am trying to ascertain what you are claiming to do, not what you call it. Your post and your subsequent responses strongly indicate that you possess "aiki" in your aikido. I introduced the term "aiki" because that is, of course, the focal point of [our] training, to express aiki.

My point was that I do not hear the phrase "you have to feel this" as instructional curriculum for a extra-sensory experience. When I hear the phrase it usually is applied as an instructional aid to something which [currently] defies verbal explanation. In the aikido in which I am immersed, aiki is demonstrative, real and not extra-sensory. Your expansion of the phrase as a instructional experience into a 6th perception, not classically defined (as Lynn pointed out), is a new adventure to me.

Further, I was explaining that my experiences are that very few aikido people have the ability to constantly and consistently express aiki in their aikido. I know many friends who are training to realize that expression. When you say things like what you posted in this thread, I am sincerely trying to comprehend if that piece is actually part of the puzzle.

When I mention Aikido if you don't take it as my definition of then you are importing something which isn't there. If you think I refer to Aiki then once again the same as I do not use that term and do not use the term internal either.
This, in part, is part of my confusion. You have your own definition for many things. We sometimes tease you about the "Graham Lexicon" that is required to translate your posts. You could have been a cryptologist for the Allies in WWII...

Part of what you are saying is true, it does come down to acceptance. Right now, I do not even understand the premise you are presenting, let alone reaching a level of discussion that would provoke me to accept or reject your premise.

After your clarifications, it sounds like you are presenting the claim that "spiritual feeling" is required for proper aikido. Is that more accurate?
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