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Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
No need for correction. That's the crux of what I'm asking Graham to do. Thanks.

Graham, I would be grateful if you could answer me this time in a simple survey-form. There are only 5 questions which shouldn't take more than a minute to answer. I apologise that a few strictly "yes" or "no" answers are required but in common with many surveys, I'll leave a space at the end for extra comments. If you have to skip a question because you can't answer "yes" or "no" you can explain why there.

Note: I'm specifically aiming this survey-formatted info-request at the OP. However as long as it doesn't take over the thread, I think it would still be on topic if others wanted to answer it too (except for question 4 which is aimed specifically at Graham).


Short "In Thread" Survey:

Q1: Do you believe it when people associated with the I.P. (Internal Power) and "Aiki" phenomenon on this forum claim "it has to be felt" (IHTBF) in order to understand it?
Yes/No (delete one)

Q2: Can you prove one way or the other if they are right or wrong about their claim that IHTBF?
Yes/No (delete one)

Q3: Regardless of your answer to the previous question, please indicate how you can prove IHTBF right or wrong one way or the other: (select any that apply in order of preference -- delete any that do not apply)
  • Direct hands on training (feeling)
  • Indirect training (e.g.:training with someone who has trained directly with them)
  • Written material (e.g.: Aikiweb posts, books)
  • DVDs/Blu-ray
  • Psychic Powers
  • Other (please indicate a category - if explanation is necessary, use Q5)
(If you are Graham, please continue to Q4. Otherwise, go to Q5.)

Q4 (for Graham Only): Does the "recent phenomena" you initially described as being "standard to my aikido from day one" refer to the same phenomenon that Dan Harden and others described?
Yes / No

Q5. Do you have any other comments?
1) Yes. They claim, they believe. They needed to obviously.

2) No. I prove nothing. They do it. They found for them it had to be felt so they are obviously right.

3) Not into proving or right or wrong. So no.

4) No. It refers to the phenomenon.

5) Yes. Know your own path and accept no substitutes. When you know what yours is then it's easy to see what isn't. No need then to be right, wrong or prove.

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