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Re: Feeling

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
I thought here was the place where people shared understandings. Therefore it's not for you to know for as you said over the internet you can't know. Carl appears to want to know.
It absolutely is. It's why I like it here so much. I learn a lot here. However, it's the difference between the understanding we have about the words themselves and about the meaning the speaker intends. I guess the distinction you have between what you understand and what others understand perhaps doesn't come across, or is otherwise missed...It doesn't seem to be felt, at any rate. And to be clear, I affix no fault in this. Whether it's transmission or reception makes little difference to my point of view...and I think it's a little analogous to keiko...and for me is an extention thereof. Where lessons fail I tend to speak about how uke is ultimately responsible, because I view that as the bottom line for any learner/student, but where two people are working together to achieve understanding I believe it is the responsibility of each party to help the other achieve that mutual understanding. Coincidentally, this is the essence of cooperative training in Aikido, in my meager opinion. People square off, offer something, and they each sense/feel something and respond. This goes both ways, each person feeling their way through the interaction/technique to arrive at refined (hopefully mutual) comprehension.

I know what I don't understand. Nothing to do with thinking if I do or not.

Now as for me claiming to know exactly, well take it from me if I mean know exactly then I would say know exactly. As I have never used such terms then it shows whoever thinks I said that is incorrect in their observation.
Sometimes we know we don't understand; sometimes we don't.
Not "exactly," then, but perhaps something "too close" to it. That's been my feeling regarding some of the interactions, but I probably have not been connected to them very well.

Now, all that said, I really like the language of "feeling" to describe training. To me it speaks to the fundemental aspect of learning anything: sensing...and feeling is the biggest part of visceral learning, as far as I can tell. One of my reoccuring thoughts when training is, "how did that feel? What did I feel? What else can I feel?" I often try to feel everything at once, if that makes any sense, but it's hard to make much sense of it right away, so I'm constantly trying to "feel" back and forth between "macro" and "micro;" "whole" body and various parts.
When it comes to learning about my own body, you might say I'm more interested in how I feel than in how other people feel, although really the two are interdependant.
I dunno...something like that. I feel brain-dead and like I'm not helping so...humble pie in hand I now go to feed my face.
Take care, and thank you for the food for thought!

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