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Re: Three dojo management questions...

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Well, it was certainly about getting keeping more people, I don't know about the other stuff. Or whether it's really worth altering your training in order to get more folks - what do you end up with?

I never said anything bad about you in any sense, I'm sorry if you took it that way. My point was that there is a negative side to belts and hakama (and I even pointed out that I wear them too).


Not at all...was just aware that some people could interpret your modern Aikido comment as coming my way.

Not something I desire.

Other than that I can happily agree that there is a danger that Aikido can get compromised - Other than adding in some 'bounce' for younger people I dont think I've said we would change the Aikido...simply that for us its proved useful to have gradings, hakama and generally make efforts to retain people. The long term plan remains the no offence taken, just perhaps overly strongly stating my case that Aikido comes first.

Having taken great care to direct the dojo towards a position where it has I hope a good reputation locally...I'm not keen to have it undermined by any association albeit indirect with 'modern aikido' <shudders inwardly> or even a suggestion that we are promoting a belt driven culture.......


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