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Re: Three dojo management questions...

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Wow, that's a long response to something that, supposedly, is not that important.

I don't think, personally, that anything that gets people in the door is "all good" - too much of that and you end up with...modern martial arts.

For myself, I'm really not anti-dogi - I wear dogi and hakama about half the time that I'm training in a group, take that as you will...


....and too little and you end up with empty dojos...which motivated the birth of this thread.

We do what we do to get people inspired to train.

Modern martial arts....A label that in this forum most would prefer not to carry, hope no one feels that it could come our way simply because as well as doing our utmost to be as good as we can technically we also have a well run and organised set up.

I dare say some will ...perhaps I should have followed my instincts and p.m'd Krystal in the first place but fortunately I'm not to bothered about those that appear to always look for the bad in people.

Those that know me ....well they know me.


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