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Re: Three dojo management questions...

Daren Sims wrote: View Post
Do it.! Even if they come for a short while, extra bodies on the mat help create a more vibrant any newbs that join in that period see a lively dojo with a fuller mat....and not one with tumbleweed blowing in the silence.

Interesting view from Chris on the uniforms....see where you are coming from and agree that it people that count not the clothes....but for every person thats dissuaded by suits....theres another that likes the ettiquette and the whole dressing up thing. ....and quite a few that are motivated by belts hakama and suchlike. Its not right....or wrong...just how people are.

all down to dojo culture I guess.


True - but then the question you have to ask is whether or not you want to encourage a dojo culture in which people are motivated by belts and hakama.



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