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graham christian
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Re: Feeling

Carl. I am still missing your point. You keep trying to connect what I say with what someone else says.

If someone says that in what they do people people feel nothing and that statement relates to me becauase that's what people in my art say then that is the only connection.

1) If that statement is given as if it's new or super special or generally not done then I would naturally be very surprised wouldn't I? I might even mention it and enquire about it mightent I?

2) It is natural to think that if they over there feel what they describe as nothing and my students feel what they describe as nothing then we could be doing the same thing. On further inspection though I doubt it.

3) I say and have repeatedly said I understand what they are doing. I understand it's an internal methodology. I understand what I have read about it only. I believe it's not the same AIKI Ueshiba did in his Aikido, only something he did before. I say also repeatedly that if it helps those doing it with their Aikido then that's good, like a nice bit of fertilizer. It opened Ueshibas eyes so it may open theirs.

It's not me with the significance here my friend.

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