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Keith Larman
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Re: Three dojo management questions...

Oh, one more thing. When a new kid starts I give them the same speech. I tell them that it is an invitation only class -- they were invited and they can be uninvited. I stress that the class will be more difficult and will push their limits. I want them to feel that this is a serious thing reserved for the more "mature" students. I make it a little more structured, more martial, more focused, more serious. I want them to realize it is a special thing they're doing and only the few are allowed.

Basically my goal is to keep them focused and serious while still learning and having some fun. I want to emphasize the "special" nature of the training hoping the focus and seriousness will carry over when they start attending general practices or beginning adult classes.

Honestly on my part I say that I want them to blow the adults out of the water when they start testing at adult levels. And so far they've done basically that. I've got kids who can do some of our weapons forms better than some yudansha...

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