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Re: Rubber bokken for practice?

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
Actually, that was precisely why I like them. Folks are scared of the bokken... scared of being hit and scared of hurting someone else. So folks too often don't really commit. They are putting the breaks on before they ever reached full commitment. What I liek about shinai is that the vast majority of folks are willing to actually hity you with the shinai while they won't with a bokken. So, especially when doing wepons taking but even in your paired forms, you get a much cleaner practice because people aren't mucking up the energy by pulling their attacks. I figure its my problem if I get hit... at least my partner is willing to really try with a shinai.
Weapons taking is fine - it's the paired stuff that gets me, right on the knuckles (most other places don't really bother me). That's why kendo guys (and even many koryu ken guys) wear those nice comfy gloves when they train.



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