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orenb wrote:
Well, Aikido is no more then O' Sensei made it out to be. And i know that his style ( ie The original style ) of Aikido was a lot rougher than most of the styles practiced today.
No offense, but this is an inaccurate arguement. It's as erroneous to call O Sensei's early practice "his style" as it is to call his later practice the same. It was all his style, and in some ways it changed, evolved, developed, whatever, over the years. It was also taught differently to different "disciples." By O Sensei himself. For every technique done "hard" that can be documented on tape today, another clip of the same technique but done "softer" or differently, can probably be produced also (and probably by me.) So, the "Original Style" of O Sensei is not a "set" thing, but like Aikido itself, a fluid entity and process.

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