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Re: shiho nage

Peter Rehse wrote: View Post
Oh wow - what is omote and ura and how do they differ is the subject of a whole new thread. Shodokan terminology does not really deal with the distinction - the closest you come is really tenkai vs non-tenkai. If I was really pressed I would say tenkai kotegaishi is the ura of kotogaishi just as tenkai kotohineri is the ura of koto hineri but I would not be happy. Wrist techniques are classed firstly on how the wrist is grabbed and further variations in the syllabus tend to be based on what type of attack.

Frankly speaking - I consider the omote and ura division more a matter of convenience along the lines of variation 1 and 2. Limiting rather than infoming.
Very interesting! Thank you, Peter! I didn't remember "omote" or "ura" in what I recall from training (little though it was) so I had a feeling it might be something like that.
Thanks again! Hope all is well!
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