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graham christian
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Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
Hello Graham

Personally, I have found Aikiweb to be a great resource to which I feel a lot of gratitude. Even just lurking is informative and that just got better once I stuck my neck out and went interactive. Better still, I have actually been able to meet and train with some of the people who have posted here in person as well as a few teachers they have posted about. Carsten mentioned Endo Shihan for example. My own chance to take ukemi from Endo came about indirectly through actually meeting and training with an Aikiweb member. I'd read descriptions like Carsten's and came up with an idea of what it might feel like, but actually grabbing Endo Shihan gave me a better, more personal picture of what it feels like to me.

I think your original post seems to admit to the validity of the acronym "IHTBF" (It Has To Be Felt - which has actually been around for quite a while) and yet it asks for yet more written description.

Also when you say this... can you know if you haven't actually felt the person making the statement? For example:

As I understand it, Dan Harden made you a friendly offer to train directly with him. It seems to me that asking for more written description while apparently claiming that what he describes is standard to your aikido goes against a major premise in the thread: If you don't actually have to feel to know, why are you asking?

I'm not saying you are wrong about your claim. That's the whole point. How can I know? I haven't trained with either of you.

Maybe Dan Harden needs to lay his hands on you too? Who knows, maybe he will eat his words? You could be doing us all a favour.


"Feeling" (by touching) is one of the five senses.
Hi Carl.
IHTBF. Actually I've always wondered what the significance to that was all about for all martial arts and techniques etc. have to be felt. It's given as something different when it's patently obvious isn't it?

On touch a person feels different to normal: Not sure what you mean by how can I know. How can I know what the person who made the statement means? Well I can't know unless I have been with that person. How can I know a person feels different to normal on touch is because it's regularly stated to me personally in my Aikido.

Let's not go into any personal invitation but me asking for written descriptions has nothing to do with what he does so I fail to see why it's connected. I think you're misunderstanding is based on words.

When I say I understand I find it's taken to mean I know. Two totally different things.

I can read, I pick up a book and read. As long as I am understanding what's being given to me I'm happy. I understand. Now if I then want to know I would have to go practice what was said in the book until I could do it. Then I would know.

So now maybe you can understand the premise of the thread, shared understandings, nothing to do with knowing. What I do I know. What others do they know. The rest is shared understandings.

As to me needing to train with someone else or someone else needing to train with me I see no need.If a person is stuck or looking for help then fine, anything else, not interested really.

By the way, with Endo Sensei what did it feel like to you personally?

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