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Re: Rubber bokken for practice?

Alejandro Jimenez wrote: View Post
I was wondering if somebody knows where to buy (or make if it canīt be buy) some practice bokken like those on this video. Their seem to be soft and donīt produce sound at all!
This is a "shinai", more specifically a "fukuro shinai" to distinguish it from "kendo shinai" which are uncovered.

They've been around for a long time (Yagyu Ryu and Maniwa Nen Ryu Kenjustsu, for example) but Saotome Sensei is fairly unique amingst Aikido teachers for his use of the shinai. The ones in the video are "yagyu" style and were made by Bu Jin Deisgn. Unfortuantely they are no longer available.

We get ours now from Tozando. Fukuro Shinai Not as solid as the old Bu Jin ones but adequate.

Just a word of caution... if used properly, shinai will last a long time. But if you are a "stick basher". you can literally destroy the bamboo in these in three or four days of incorrect practice.

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