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Re: kiai in aikido?

I don't agree with coupling Kiai and crying. Where yes, Kiai can be generated during an emotional response, and tears can be produce without emotional stimuli, the concept of Kiai can definitely be practiced and fostered. Look at concepts like keeping your arm extended and round during ukemi. This is a Kiai concept. If you fail to do this, your rolls have flat spots, and you collide with the mat rather than blend. The result, after a hard ukemi class, is a sore shoulder or back the next day.

On the back end of Kiai practice, you become more aware of your hara. You tighten your abdominal when you Kiai. Remember this feeling, and start your movements from here, and your AIkido will change.

Kiai isn't about yelling to scare or intimidate. It's about projection.
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