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Phil Van Treese
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Re: Why don't we practice chokes?

I, for one, love chokes. It's a great equalizer and, if you are not used to chokes, you'll panic. When you panic, you lose your center, balance and your "ki". I just want "grabbing the neck" explained. I am quiter efficient in chokes and choking and I have yet to "grab a neck"---whatever that means. Like I have said in an earlier post, if you have such a great fear of chokes, you need to confront that fear by getting into a judo class or learn from a qualified instructor. My class does chokes all the time and no one has died, been choked/passed out and all the other garbage people think about. If I get attacked, and I have been, and I get behind someone, I will apply a choke in less than a heartbeat. Been there and done that and he didn't even die, have brain damage etc, etc, etc. Face your fears and find out what choking is all about instead of assuming that you know about chokes when you have never studied them.
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