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Keith Larman
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Re: Skin care and hygiene tips I wish I had known before I started training...

It's funny, we have this sort of back and forth in my house on this topic. My wife *needs* to shower every morning or else she doesn't feel "right". The kid would rather never take a shower (but good luck getting her out once she's been dragged in). But she also suffers from very dry skin (like me) and knows that if she soaps up every day she'll be scratching to the point of scabs all over the place. So for her it's better to just skip a day or two unless she really needs it. I have her wash her face daily due to the fact she's starting into puberty and needs to prevent break outs.

But it does make me wonder about how our society has taught us what's the "right" way to feel clean. For some it's a totally scrubbed, dry, ripped apart skin. Often folk will add various moisturizers to get back the moisture the body has lost. Which it seems to me tends to indicate maybe you're doing too much. Or the skin needs a break. I do like the advice a dermatologist gave me (for my itchy skin) which was to take a few days off from the shower now and then when you can. Just get a washcloth and clean up the areas that need it but otherwise give the skin overall a break. It makes a *huge* difference for me in terms of the dry, itchy skin.

There's also this article about eczema and bleach baths.

We really weren't built to be aggressively scrubbed daily. Well, most of us at least. And it doesn't take much to clean up enough to be inoffensive without having to strip your body of all its natural defenses.

And I will add my voice to the chorus on perfumes, scents, etc. Lord there is nothing I hate more than someone who comes in smelling of whatever the hell it is they splashed on themselves. Sometimes I think it is more offensive than body odor.

Of course if you're eating a diet high in sulfur compounds and it's leeching out of your skin, yeah, clean up. But splashing more stinky crap on top really doesn't help; it only makes it worse.

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