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Re: Adrenaline-based training?

RMCAT is a good program. Peyton's got a lot of real world experience with violence and violent people. One of the things that differentiates adrenal stress training from something like a sport competition is the context. In a sport fight, you know the rules, you know the timing, and you know what's going to happen within certain parameters. At RMCAT they cheat, they lie, and they "woof," so even if you know what's coming you may not know exactly when or how.

This kind of training is less about technique and more about managing your own fear and responses in challenging situations modeled after real life violence. Whether or not that fits your needs depends on what your goals are. If you want to be more confident on the street or in the boardroom, then it's perfect. If you want to work on your combinations and hip throws under pressure, then you might be better served with intense randori or competition. You can, however, take the lessons you learn in an adrenal stress program back into the dojo-- just realize they're not the same thing.

In my experience, Krav Maga is not the same. There are some great Krav Maga instructors, but it seems like the big organizations in the US are more of a punching-themed fitness program than anything applicable to real world self defense (unless you really want to go to jail for assault). Also, with Krav you're generally hitting pads and not full-on blasting people in the head and groin.

Tony Blauer appears to be a mixed bag. I've met very competent professionals who like what he does and others who hate it. Like anything else, take the information into consideration, go get as much more as you can, and then make your own decisions.

I did the RMCAT program and I really loved it. I found it valuable enough that I'll go back again this year and, if circumstances allow, annually.

Bill Kipp helped Peyton start RMCAT and runs his own program called FAST Defense. While I wouldn't want to give up the immersive experience of RMCAT, FAST offers a wider variety of relatively easily accessible workshops, etc., so that may be a way to get a taste if there's something in your area.

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