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Cliff Judge
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Re: shiho nage

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Hi Cliff,
Try this from migi gyaku hamni katatedori.1.Irimi -uke thrown in direction he faces.2.Tenkan -Uke gets thrown from whence he came.3. Use footwork to get to right angle to Uke [L shape ] enter /cut down uke .Uke gets thrown in an direction approx 90%[Think compass].utilise circular motion [ushiro tenkan ]lead uke in large circular motion , uke will then revolve around tori and be thrown in a different path from no 1/2/3.No 4 is the tricky one.Try visualizing north/south /east /west.Hope this helps.Joe.
Thanks very much for, N/S/E/W, based on which way tori is facing when she initiates her attack? I will give that a try and see if I can make it work.
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