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Thanks for all of the responses, I can take alot from it.

Don, I have been told similar things about stretching myself, and i tend not to do static stretches during warm ups.

Have you ever seen passive stretching? if you haven't then I think it would be ideal for your cool down period.

For anyone who doesn't know what passive stretching is, a small example of it could be;

One person lies on their back, the second person takes hold of their leg and raises it, keeping it straight towards their head. (kind of as if they were doing a high kick, whilst laying down) They raise the leg up until the point at which they meet resistance, then they hold the leg in that position.

The person laying down relaxes. After around 30 seconds to 2 minutes the leg itself will relax and the person holding it will be able to move it even further in the stretch.

an advanced form of this is when the person laying down pushes back against the person holding the leg as hard as they can for 10 seconds then relaxes. The leg will extend greatly beyond the point at which it could go earlier and this should be repeated 2 or 3 times giving around an extra 6 inches extension.

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