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Re: Skin care and hygiene tips I wish I had known before I started training...

I'm glad that you found a solution that works for you!

I'm also in the you don't need to shower before class - camp, though. Washing hands and feet before class is something I do wish more people at our dojo did before class. But more than that is really not necessary.

What I do is I plan my hair-washing around classes. I wash my hair every two days, and so I'll try to wash it the day before a class in the morning, and then not in the morning of the aikido class day, but after class. The next day it's fine. Of course sometimes my timing doesn't work out and I end up washing my hair twice in a day, but that doesn't happen often enough to cause problems.

Oh, and I'm with Eva on using soap - usually it isn't necessary for washing your whole body. Hands sometimes, sure, and I do use a mild shampoo. But you could experiment with showering without a body wash and see how that feels.

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