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Re: On being Female in an Aikido Dojo

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I have talked to many of my senior (Rokudan level) female friends about posting on-line and virtually none of them post.
Does one need to be rokudan to post on VOE? That would certainly narrow the field considerably. I know there are at least a couple of women posting on aikiweb regularly who have trained 20+ years, and who I believe teach..just wondering why they don't post on that forum, since I thought that 20 years of training was the bar.

The normal level of contention on the forums that is at least tolerable for many of the guys simply is of no interst whatever to my women friends.

I certainly respect that choice. I know quite a few men making it as well - most (all?) of the men in aikido I personally know, actually.

In response to the original post, based on my middle level experience: there are dojos where you will find all the support and respect you need. If you have to make do at one that is less than optimal, focus on your training, and go to a lot of seminars. Do not waste time or breath trying to get anyone to change, or even thinking too much about it. Developing some awareness of how someone might feel who is dressing alone and listening to laughter she is not invited to share is part of their practice, not yours.

My two cents, because I think it would be well for women who have been around the block to show up and be counted.



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