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Re: "The goal is not to throw"

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Have you been in this situation, then?
I have ...four times, although once was talking someone else out of doing something very violent. And...being calm is what got me out with only a few scars. Those were life threatening affairs, and do not count fighting. a very powerful tool. It also can realy screw with the mind of others who have lost it...even those with murderous intentions. Being a 6th dan is no reasonable qualification I can see. It might even be a disqualification. Martial artists do not necessarily make good fighters or are good in life threatening situations. I have seen LEO and EMT's lose it at scenes, with bystanders demonstraitng more calm control. It happens.

As for Martial arts-all paths and all methods were never and will never, all be equal. Were it so, Takeda and Ueshiba would have been nobodies, that did not stand out from the budo wallpaper....and we would not be here today.

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