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graham christian
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Re: Aiki and Kokyu Ryoku

Matthew Gano wrote: View Post
Sounds dangerous to me: Knowledge obfuscates as well as reveals; hence the need to constantly question, both the world around you and yourself. While data doesn't equate to knowledge, it must match up or one of the two is false. Data is fact. Fact is truth. Truth is reality. Not all data are accurate, but insofaras they are, they determine the validity of what one knows.
Hi Matthew.

Data is a reality. Data put together is knowledge. A bunch of related facts. None of this is truth however.

There's a body of knowledge for every subject you care to look into, you could gather, gather, gather, like a great computer and be called 'intelligent'

That just about covers it. Notice I haven't mentioned understanding, or knowing. They are spiritual matters related to truth.

Different level.

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