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Re: Aiki and Kokyu Ryoku

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
So Graham, Let me see if I got this right.
You're saying
A guy from Japan said stuff you can't read that was translated by a guy who admits he didn't understand many things the Japanese guy said and was joined by a son who fabricated a history that you like.
So now you know things that you have heard and read that may or may not have ever even been actually said by the Japanese guy whom you can't read, but after all that..... you know what you know but you don't know from where or when you know only that you know....something that you can't define.

Now you are telling Chris that because he can read what the Japanese guy actually said and when he said it and can memorize and research it, define it, and explain it, and tell you and has also translated for the Japanese guy's hiers...that it is he who's cup is full and he can't learn?
I think that is a pretty fair review of the exchange. I'm lost. I'm laughing..but I'm lost
That's quite a story. No wonder you're laughing. Very creative, mystical, complicated, oh and nice additions too.

Let me try.....

Once upon a time there was a guy who started a new art called Aikido. He called it 'the true martial art based on universal truth' He said it cannot be anything but a martial art of love. He said many universal things and principles including the true state of Aikido is love and harmony.

Being a very spiritual man and seeing spiritually how the principles of love, ki, life, goodness, non resistance, non-control etc work in the universe and lie and living and being enlightened and pointing out it's not to do with logic and intellect he proceeded to share his new spiritual, compassionate art.

If you want to learn only physical Aikido, to do with just the body, he advised you take up nutrition.
If you want to learn mental Aikido he advised zen or any that rids you of the need for data and thinking and especially the past. To empty your cup. Now if you want to learn Spiritual Aikido he said you must learn what he says now and forget all that went before.

Alas the masses as usual hung on to the past, filled their minds with data and reverted back to past Ryu.

He smiled for he knew they had to go through such processes but meanwhile smiled also as he saw some bright stars emerging in the universe, some who understood, some seeds had taken root. He was happy.

And from Kokyu Ryoku to the heavens and earth Aikido spread.

Now that's a better story.

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