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graham christian
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Re: "The goal is not to throw"

Greg Steckel wrote: View Post
There has been a lot of talk about control in this thread - this is not a complicated topic - in all martial interactions, the goal is to control in some fashion - after all, why would someone attack you without the intention of controlling you; or if attacked, why would you not want to control your attacker so they stop attacking you.

So logically the goal is to control - and how you do that can vary from the purely overt physical overpowering to the covert and subtle taking of the other's center while you keep yours - bottom line is you are in control, and once you are in control, it is your choice as to throw, drop, or disengage.

All very simple really.

Yo. We've been here before. Beyond control grasshopper. You are right though, it is logical. That's why most couldn't understand O'Sensei.

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