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Re: "The goal is not to throw"

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Based on the videos (I watched those with "randori" in the title) the nages consistently creates openings which the ukes consistently no taking advantage. That is not martial, as a matter of fact. As a matter of opinion that teaches sloppy waza and unrealistic movements, but this is a reasonable opinion.

As to not being able to that, I am not able to waltz as well, this down not reflect on my ability to do martial arts in any way.
That is a critical component. You would have to have the experience to see your many failures... in order to see your many failures. Usually you needed to have those pointed out to you by a good teacher...otherwise they will be clearly shown to a worthy opponent.

This is yet another example of why when we read people talking about moving from center, saying they understand Ueshiba, writing books and being teachers (including top Japanese shihan) and you watch their videos and they sway to and fro and disconnect from Uke, disconnect in themselves, use their shoulders etc., you just dismiss their opinions on the subject entirely. As one Bagua guy wrote after twenty years of practice "I didn't know...that I didn't know."
For many of us who do know it's a constant struggle to be polite knowing that in one minute of actual contact, all their presupposed understanding comes crashing down as they finally get to meet someone who actually does move from center, and understands connection and what that feels like in the real world.
Now, just imagine, experiencing that with a host of teachers in the JMA and ICMA....for over a decade.....with no exceptions. It's very peculiar and odd for all parties concerned and sort of changes your view of Budo and what people thought they knew and where we all fit. It's sort of like turning it all on its head for some of us.

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