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Re: "The goal is not to throw"

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Hi David:

Thank you for posting the link to our website and videos. My name is Eastland not Eastman.

The training it takes to do what we do is fun. We have a good group of people that train together regularly.

I feel safer than I used to before I started training 24 years ago. That is what matters to me.
That's all that needs to matter, Mary. What's wrong with that?
Most people are rational and up front about what they do and see it in a greater context. That is what defines our practice. Sometimes we can't, and that is where others step in and define it for us. It is only those who fool themselves and others and demonstrate no ability to see their practice as part of a larger picture that draws fire from those in and outside their art. It isn't just Aikido. It's all over the place.
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