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Re: "The goal is not to throw"

I am currently reading a series of stories of duals and battles with noted sword and spear adepts that highlight some of the same issues of people with "theories" showing up and actually being deluded enough to challenge men with serious experience and acknowledged skills. It is interesting to take it out of the context of simple issues of whether you need to actualy throw someone who is sustaining their balance or think you can actually move and they will fall down, and bring it into a question of life or death. The men in these stories would not face experts, without experience and skill. They would not even consider it. I wonder what they would think of some of us today.

Imagine if you will, some person in the mid 1600's never having fought a real duel, never having faced an acknowledged expert who has, never having faced your own death, and some how, some way, being so deluded that they actually dismissed the cost of all of the knowledge and experience of their accomplished foe and convincing themself that they...had a deeper understanding, of something they themsevles had never done or faced...and marched out to face him.
It sounds almost insane doesn't it?

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