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Re: "The goal is not to throw"

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It's amazing how modern aikido has created a mindset that taking control of another person and making things happen is somehow not good aikido or not aikido at all. I'd rather be stiff and muscly, but know that I was really getting something done, than just go through the motions in the name of enlightenment.
Yup. Not the least of which is considering Ueshiba saying that one of the results of aiki was exerting your will on your opponent making them do what you want.
Though I don't assign that to just aikido.
Budo is definitive. If you cannot control the outcome, you are simply not doing a budo...but someting else. Which is fine-have fun.
But again, that's why I talked about clarity in our choices. We can't dream and imagine our way into being a part of a bigger picture we really have no place in when we did not do the work required or suffer the process to gain a deeper understanding and true competency without doing the work. It goes back to me saying not everyone gets an "A." Outcome matters. Trying to make everyone equal lifts the ones not qualified and who cannot perform (and who never seem to object) and unfairly reduces the superior work of those who have.
Sort of like saying everyone's efforts are equal to Musashi just because they do Iai and bought an outfit.

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