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Re: "The goal is not to throw"

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@ Dan:
I understand that you don't understand. There is nothing mystical about it. It is just different than what you do. That doesn't make it bad or wrong. Just different.
Hi Mary
Well okay then. I don't think right or wrong is the question. Anyone can do whatever they want. What's wrong with that? But we all carry the weight of clarity in our choices.
Leaving me out of this... why would a someone NOT launching their center at someone, but retaining it while they attack?
How, where, and why would they fall down?
Do they want to fall down?
Are they trying to help you let them fall down?
If we are agreeing that the person attacking is cooperating and offering their center out from themselves, than that's fine. But it does open those observations:
1. It is a fairly unique way to do any sort of budo. As I said, I've only seen it in Aikido and Daito ryu.
2. It appears from reading, and meeting people all over the world that, that level of cooperation is certainly not the most popular method.
3. So it certainly expands on the question of what it takes to throw someone both in aikido and from someone you would have to use aikido on outside of the art.

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