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Re: "The goal is not to throw"

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I am not seeking to control....only to receive and blend...the fall will present itself as I pay attention to what is. will not. That will only happen if the person attacking is dissconected, cooperating and offering their center out from themselves. Which on the whole is a fairly unique way to do any sort of budo. I've only seen it in Aikido and Daito ryu. Everyone else in Budo keeps their center as the attacker. So in any other case you will have to throw them by actively taking their center...against their will. Thus they will have to be thrown. Why would a someone NOT launching their center at someone, but retaining it while they attack, like most budo-ka do?
Aren't you guys really talking about a certain sub-group within aikido? It seems most dissaprove of this type of practice.
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