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Re: Re: Re: What does O Sensei's name mean?

[quote="John Davis (JohnDavis)"]
"Goldsbury Peter (Peter Goldsbury)" Well, as Joe suggested, 'Morihei' means 'abundant peace'. Here are the other names (your computer needs a Japanese language capability to get all the kanji).

Thanks for this info. I've wondered that too.

Now, can you tell me what Koichi Tohei means?


John the Kiwee
Koichi Tohei (in the Japanese name order Tohei Koichi) is written:


"。: TOU (also read as fuji) = wisteria

平: HEI (same as HEI in Morihei) = harmony

光: KOU (also read as hikari) = light

一: ICHI = one (i.e., the number).

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