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Re: Aiki and Kokyu Ryoku

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Except for the political stuff (about the emperor, for example), virtually all of the things that Ueshiba said pre-war he also said post-war. Which things, exactly, are you saying are from before and irrelevant?

'True Budo is love.' may be an Aikido statement, but it dates from 1925 - are you saying that everything after 1925 is relevant?


I doubt that comes from 1925 but I know he said it after the war.

It is well known that after the war he had changed. Well known, well discussed. Therefore his views were different so how can you think he said the same things? Impossible.

I would even guess that when he got angry and said 'that's not my Aikido' he was frustrated with those still doing it as if it was daito ryu.

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