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Re: Aiki and Kokyu Ryoku

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Some things he may have said pre Aikido and as Aikido both. After the Daito Ryu period, after even the Aikibudo period, In The Aikido period.....Ahh, if he says it in this period, whether said before or not, he is talking Aikido.

Thus using things said 'earlier' which he never said later is as foolhardy as thinking what you used to believe is relevant to your current view.

'True Budo is love.' An Aikido statement. Anything contradictory or any actions contradictory to that from before in his life are therefore irrelevant.

As far as I'm concerned they can only be used by those who try to undermine Aikido, who don't yet fully grasp what Aikido is, or are just neutral, historians.

Except for the political stuff (about the emperor, for example), virtually all of the things that Ueshiba said pre-war he also said post-war. Which things, exactly, are you saying are from before and irrelevant?

'True Budo is love.' may be an Aikido statement, but it dates from 1925 - are you saying that everything after 1925 is relevant?



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