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Re: Yurusu, An Aiki Perspective

I truly believe in the redemptive power of forgiveness. But like most things, it has two sides. True forgiveness cannot be given unless there is repentance on the part of the wrongdoer. And absolution cannot be granted without restitution. Without repentance and restitution, forgiveness is meaningless, the conflict is unresolved, and the path remains open for more wrongdoing.
Even when it comes to self-forgiveness, this must be present. How can we forgive ourselves if we are not truly sorry for what we have done? And how can we absolve ourselves of blame if we are unwilling to make up for the wrong we have committed?
Forgiveness and repentance must go hand in hand.

Inocencio Maramba, MD, MSc
Dangayan Singkaw Aikido Shinzui
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