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Re: Aiki and Kokyu Ryoku

Hi Hugh
We can also consider this
Ueshiba's martial art emphasizes on throwing techniques. Once we compare his skill in around 1930 with the features of Daito-ryu.
(2) Ueshiba's counter techniques against judo have a unique quality in that Ueshiba always tried to fight before the grasping of body or clothes
This is simply erroneous and once again speaks to the lack of understanding of interviewer and interviewees.
You could stop and ask just about anyone well taught in the Kodokai, Roppokai or Takumakai what they are supposed to do before being grabbed and you will get the same answer. They are supposed to already be moving. It is one of many long standing principles in Daito ryu. It is one thing to yak on a board, quite another to meet teachers and students in Daito ryu from all over the world, who do not know or have ever trained with each other- and hear them say the same things to you.
So when we read certain observations and opinions about things and Ueshiba doing some stock out of the box (well known in Daito ryu) principles as yet again his unique doesn't go over the same way in different circles. I am sure he had unique skills, even more unique to outside observers who didn't have clue what he was doing, but this-among many other erroneous observations- was just not among them.

Peoples rank and closeness to Ueshiba really doesn't quite matter as much as you'd initially believe. While this sounds dramatic or dismissive, all you need due is put your hands on a host of Shihan and 4-6th dans and ask yourselves if all of their opinions on budo are of equal worth either? In my opinion they are not.

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