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Re: Yurusu, An Aiki Perspective

Thank you, Francis, for another heartfelt column. Aikido training for me is all day, everyday. I fall short of the mark many times a day. I don't practice a religion. Aikido training and a set of principles are my guideposts. The principles I study are given a physical expression in my practice of Aikido.

Forgiveness is important. It puts the focus back on the practice and the principles. Human beings, including myself sometimes fall short. Acceptance of humanness, mine and that of others is the answer. I believe we are all doing our best. Sometimes my best or the best of others is not good enough. Yet no one can do better than their best.

I pray for the people that I need to forgive. Often when I start I really don't want to forgive them. Through the process of repeated prayer and attention to my own behavior I notice a softening in my heart and soon forgiveness is achieved.

I don't have to let them hurt me again if that is their nature. That is my responsibility. Forgiveness and prayer and acceptance set me free to be current in my life and enjoy each day.

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