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Re: verbal abuse from a teacher

"You suffer till you realize you do not need to suffer"...
As a child the parent would typically be involved as to see what is happening.
As an adult you have various options such as walking away or ignoring it.
[But never taking anything anyone says about you for face-value... after all we are constantly changing and no word can describe a being that is in the constant state of 'change', as it were.]

As far as skill set, perhaps try some grappling/tai boxing [gina carano bit] and see what your six years of Aikido fit into things. [After three years I took it into grappling and quickly saw what was what and have to say helped my Aikido tremendously. After all, its my humble opinion that Aikido is not whole without Judo and/or BJJ. [Its more about distance, it all ties together as one art: jiu-jitsu]

Attitude does not, obviously, make one skilled at anything...

The question really boils down to why you stay, as you mentioned if you go somewhere else, there you are. So whatever you are dealing with now, in some form or another it will happen again.


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