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Re: The Realm of Aiki

I have no trouble with that. The "what is aiki to you?" question is completety different than talking about Ueshiba's aiki.
Further still "what is your aikido?" is completely different from "what is Ueshiba's aikido?". Anyone who wants to discuss Ueshiba's aiki or aikido should be capable of demonstrating at least some degree of exceptional or unusual power, and be able to define some of what he said.
Lacking those things, what are their opinions about Ueshiba really worth?

A worthy endeavor without doubt. All of us in Aikido, and also some not, seek to be like the founder as best we can. Opinions are just that, and misguided and misunderstood at best as the research points to.
Ueshiba certainly did the work to make his "aiki" happen. I would venture to say that his prewar aiki was different from his post war . Without him standing before us , it is up to us , as he said, "to figure it out for yourselves", using whatever guides we can for our particular circumstances.
Practical application, not opinions as Dan points out , is all any of this is worth a damn, spiritual or martial, to me that is

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