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Re: The Realm of Aiki

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Having trained with the writer of the column and the last poster also.
A couple of things.
As long as YOU the person trying to create Aiki or chase Aiki or not chase Aiki have contemplated why you are training and what YOU are training, I believe that is a correct path and the correct path for YOU.
The people who come to the dojo to do the "dance" moves of Aikido or get a cardio workout are fine and creating their own "realm" for THEIR aiki. I.E. " a good workout " or "correct body movements".
As long as you know what YOU are there for and keep it mindful it will all work itself out in the end.
Mainly, staying healthy with a "connected body/mind and not getting my clock cleaned or prematurely dead in a hostile encounter.
Who knows , it may grow to more than that , but , right now this is where my "realm " is
Hi Greg.....I've never seen you post here!! It was great seeing you again!
I have no trouble with that. The "what is aiki to you?" question is completety different than talking about Ueshiba's aiki.
Further still "what is your aikido?" is completely different from "what is Ueshiba's aikido?". Anyone who wants to discuss Ueshiba's aiki or aikido should be capable of demonstrating at least some degree of exceptional or unusual power, and be able to define some of what he said.
Lacking those things, what are their opinions about Ueshiba really worth?
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