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Re: Aiki and Kokyu Ryoku

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So if aiki needs kokyu ryoku, as your post suggests, how do you create kokyu ryoku if not internal?
You don't. Good point.
But neither is breath power all there is to internal...or you also know.

Hmmm... with all the interest/ angst being displayed over this topic you would think at this juncture there would be a more detached and analytical review of both the material and the deliverable skills that are being displayed world over that continue to leave the detractors standing there with blank looks on their faces.

So far, people have confirmed;
a. They don't know what Ueshiba was talking about in regards to in yo ho, internal training, and aiki.They've never even heard of many of the terms or concepts before.
b. They don't know the terms are ages old, documented and were known and used to produce power in warriors who trained them.
c. They can't display any serious amount of power themselves or an ability to explain how to go about it consistent with Ueshiba's own commentary and quotations.

Were there to be a debate over substance then both parties should at least be capable of bringing a positive understanding of all three; a. b. and c. to the table. Then some semblance of equal level in understanding and discussing these things and demonstrating them with clarity and consistency from translation, to description and definitions, to historical context, to teaching models, and practical use and then demonstrations of some serious deliverable power should ensue.
None of the detractors have managed to deliver a consistent message in person. It really hasn't left much to discuss or debate. The differecnes in understanding were clear. So thankfully, it continues to bring people together instead of dividing them-just like he thought it would.

I don't think it is productive to redefine some pretty sophisticated material -recognized the world over- and also to call it mumbo jumbo because people don't understand it. It is most likely a worthy consideration since the founder of your art;
Practiced it
Studied it
Read about it
And many of the doka you think are his that are quoted.....are internal Chinese martial art sayings!

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