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I was wondering if someone could say something about meditation. So far it hasn't really been mentioned in my classes, and I'm curious to know if this is something I have to look forward to.

I've seen it done but more in the visualization/energy realm and it wasn't emptying the mind as meditation is often viewed as.

You've reminded me of the whole month of Tae Kwon Do I took when I was 13. The instructor would take us through the warm ups and then tell us to meditate. We'd do whatever meditate meant for less than a minute and that was it--his homage to meditation.

Personally, I use a modified form of TM as a quick relaxant. TM is a meditation where you repeat a phrase over and over. I find after 15 minutes I'm much more relaxed.

More of my teen years but when I was in high school I played around with visualization as a basketball player and achieved some phenomenal results. It was very hard to maintain though as finding privacy was almost impossible in that environment. I've tried it in Aikido but have not achieved the same results but then I didn't try it with the same enthusiasm I did when I was younger. I should revisit this one of these days.
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